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Tap Tap Legions


Constant fun and excitement! Bloody fighting from the start. Epic battles within 5 seconds. An all-new game type is coming!Devils destroyed the royal Wedding and taken our queen away. Fortunately, our king fled quickly...Well, Knights, soldiers, and even farmers are ready to go! Our king needs his queen tonight!
• Easy to play! Tap tiles to summon soldiers. Explosive fun!• Truly epic battles, fierce engagements!• Choose your army for battle! How strategic can you be?• 12 kinds of soldier. Upgrade and fight with any combination of soldier you want!• 8 cards make things better ...or worse. Don't tap the wrong tiles!• 5 special items to help keep you alive!• 64 levels to battle through, New ones coming soon! You will love it!• Variety of challenging monsters at every stage, INTENSE BOSS LEVELS!!.....
You think you have the time to sit through this introduction?
Our queen can't wait! See you on the battlefield!
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